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Howdy Klay!

It's feels like a lifetime ago you took me into your home and we had that delicious meal at your table. I hope to cross paths with you again someday.

Redhawk, I remember all too well meeting you while doing laundry way up yonder. Thanks for the heads up, more than likely you are correct, it was probably my fan on the GS clogged with rocks that made the oil light come onů. something good to know for F800 owners.

Back to catching upů.

We awoke to yet another perfect day with the sun shining, birds chirping, delicious coffee a flowin'. Add in that the previous night was Shower night, and life was perfect!
What would make today even more special is the fact that Nancy would be discovering Colorful Colorado for the first time, up close and personal on her mighty little GS. There's no confusing Colorado with any other state, when you cross the border, you know you're in Colorado.
After lucking out since it was Labor Day monday and the road was not in fact closed with loggers working, we had a very civilized and delicious Thai and sushi lunch in Steamboat Springs. I love the contrasts available in this great country of ours when traveling via motorbike. Colorado is one of the few states where you can be surrounded by vast wildness, then bounce into a stylish mountain resort town to have a civilized, albeit international flavor meal.
Afterwards we set out again heading south on the CDR, with the mountains starting to build up, the greens and yellows as the predominate colors making up the landscape. More rivers and trees, more jagged rock formations, and stylish "cabins" popping up here and there. Yeah, Colorado.

Nancy's first water crossing!
Knowing that I couldn't let her stop and think about it, I yelled across, go slow but stay on the throttle! Don't fall since I don't have a spark plug socket for your bike!

I figured fear was as good of motivator as any....
She didn't really hear me anyways, and just went for it.

Cool chick, big sky.

About the right time we came across this campground, an empty campground actually.
No neighbors, check.
River just a stone throw away, check.
Firewood, check.

We had made it through the holiday weekend with great campsites without neighbors, and this was good enough for us..... no sense in making the day too long.

Yesterday was shower day, but today was Charging Day..... I had made a double dongle thingy that allowed me to charge 2 tools/gadgets at once off the Shorai battery on my bike. I figured I didn't need to be able to charge things while moving (needing to wire up the camera box on the seat), and this is what I came up with to keep my stuff charged.

We would be needing some hot coals to cook the bacon wrapped pork tenderloins we bought earlier, so a big fire is in order.

Around this time a big 5th wheel RV pulls in.

I might have stated how I feel about RV's, especially ones who pull right up next to me while I'm chilling....
We were sitting there going, no fucking way, really, he's going to, oh no, whole empty campground, shit....
After dicking with it, he settled in right next to us. I was not happy, but controlling myself since Nancy was there....
Well, the real old guy comes out of his diesel truck take shis "truckers" hat off and boldly proclaims, "I hope you don't mind, we'll try not to ruin the neighborhood!", served with a big smile and chuckle. Texas plates.
How could I be mad, I mean, he's a character who's cool, and not some douchebag who ignores me like the dude in Banff.
Shortly thereafter Nancy watches the old guy give a nice long kiss to his wife after taking in the view.... we didn't mind sharing the moonlight with them at all, she thought it was very romantic.

The moon was bright, crappy photo but you get the idea.
When this trip started for me, the moon was weak and didn't rise until midnight or so, now it was getting fuller, and rising earlier.... I like seeing the stars, but also enjoy not needing a flashlight or seeing the landscape under a full moon. The best way to do it is to stay out camping long enough to follow the moon through it's phases. I miss being in tune with the moon, only how you can be when camping.

Photography for me is not about recreating what I saw through
the viewfinder but to show people the way I want to see the world.
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