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Day 8

June 23, 2012

278 miles (for Bill and I)

Minimum Elevation - 4135 ft
Maximum Elevation - 7846 ft

Today's Route

We met a few inmates who stopped into Denio Junction for fuel on Friday night. There was one who stayed in Room 1 next door to us that night. There was also someone else who stopped by. I think he was on a Vstrom or something similar. I did not take notes and forgot their names.

Scott had packed up the night before and left before I was up and about in the morning.

Getting under way. You can see the parts Husky on the trailer.

It was a beautiful morning for a ride

All of us headed out toward Fields for breakfast. We headed up the highway to save some time and so we could ride with the newest member of your group, Rick.

Here are Rick and I in front of the Field’s Station next to Rick’s bike.

One of these things is not like the others…

We stopped at Fields Station and had our breakfast. I hope Rick enjoyed it as it had been a real long ride for him. He had ridden up from LA just to try a Triple-C milkshake.

I think he liked it.

After finishing our tasty breakfast, we headed south of Fields Station.

Rick continued back down south on his Harley while the rest of us split off and headed up over Domingo Pass.

Get out of my way!!!

We rode on some fantastic roads past Granite Spring.

We continued heading west

Some ranchers out on patrol

Loving it!! High five!

And then we moved off toward the north on Buckaroo Pass road. There were some rough sections!

Dan and Mark talking it all over.

Must have dropped my helmet again! Dig the new chain.

We rode most of the way around Beatty’s Butte. We were all starting to wonder where the road was that would climb to the top.

Mark wants to know when we are going to climb that hill.

There is the turn. Make a left.

Finally we did the climb up to the top of Beatty’s Butte. It was a long steep loose climb on a rocky 2 track.

Close to the top, I lost sight of the road. As I was trying to turn my bike around, I dropped it.

Once I stood it up on the side-stand securely, I decided to just leave it there and hike the rest of the way to the top. I thought I was pretty close.

Here is where I left my bike.

Here comes Bill.

Time to start walking!

I mean climbing!!!!!

What a view!!

The remains of an old communications site.

Bill on the top of the world.

It was very windy up there!


Mark and Chuck getting ready to compose a shot.

Found a geocache.

I really enjoyed the ride up to the top of Beatty’s Butte. It was challenging and really fun. I enjoyed ripping up the grade. It definitely was one of the highlights of the trip for me.

Back down the grade.

Can you see the road??

Headed northwest.

I saw a crazy bunker and stopped to see in anyone wanted to check it out. It is in the upperleft corner of the picture. Also, you can see Beatty’s Butte in the background.

Of course we needed to investigate!

Self portrait by GoPro.

Took a long rocky road that turned out to be Black Canyon Road. Must have forgot to turn back on the GoPro. No pictures but this was a rough and long road.

We stopped and regrouped once we were at Hart Mountain Antelope Refuge. I was worried about gas and some of the group was ready to head back to DJ so we decided to shorten the route a bit. We still needed to go down to Plush for fuel.

Made a trip over to Hart Mountain Hot Springs. What a beautiful location!

Went thru the headquarters and then down toward Plush for fuel.

Stopped in Plush to fuel up.

Dan, Mark and Chuck were eager to get back to DJ and get loaded up to go home so we split up. They took the pavement south to the highway, while Bill and I headed back on the dirt.

We stopped at the glass house for a visit. It was unlocked so we took a look inside. Cool place. Someone should adopt it like the cabins in Death Valley.

Bill enjoying the view from the deck.

We went up this road marked with “Oregon Central Military Wagon Road 1864”.

Took some pics of the intersection.

Just 2 bikes now. Past those bikes is a very very long very very very rocky section. The first part is kind of a teaser climb with some rocks. It got much worse. It was a real workout for the last part of the day. I would not recommend it for anyone who does not like rocks! Of course, it was no big deal for Bill and I.

What a rocky SOB! I wish I had pictures. GoPro was dead and I wasn’t stopping to take pictures!

A cabin toward the end of the rough stuff.

The Shirk Ranch. By this point, we were out of the rocky stuff. I wanted to stop and check it out but we were running way late by now. We would be lucky if we made it to DJ before dark.

We continued on along the route but eventually, Bill’s air filter was clogged up and we bailed off to the south on Beatty’s Butte Road to the highway.

It was a long and cold slog on the pavement back to DJ.

We arrived back at DJ way after the kitchen was closed. We were bummed because Saturday is steak night. Luckily the other guys had told Bobby we were going to be late so he had some in the oven keeping warm for us. Hooray!! What a great finish to a very long day!!!!

This was our last day of riding and it was great. I can't wait to go and do this loop again. Hopefully we can finish it next time. I really like the run up to the top of Beatty's Butte. That was sweet!
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