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Originally Posted by sailah View Post
I also said goodbye forever to those crap phillips carb bowl screws and replaced them with some stainless socket cap screws.
Good on ya, Lad! A man after my own heart. I just went down to the local industrial screw place and bought a baggie of 100 for $8 and replace ALL of those damn screws.

Oh, and the first rule of tuning is make sure it's put together right!

Trust me, I learned that one the hard way when I was about 20 - I had a GS1000S (indexed to era/technology, possibly my favorite bike ever). The connector for the coil wire got oil and dirt on it, and went intermittent. It behaved ***exactly*** like a jetting problem, i.e. certain behaviors at certain RPM. Turned out that the connector was jiggling different ways at different RPM. Took months of frustration to figure out WTF was happening.
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