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Originally Posted by ZequeArgentina View Post
There were several "mixes" of engines.
They used to run the Mitsu V6 4.0liters, some the turbo 2.0 from the Lancer EVO.
There was a Mercedes ML with a Toyota Diesel engine.

The new Mitsubishi from the Petrobras-Mitsubishi team definately sounds V8 (it raced in Morrocco). Which V8 does Mitsu has?
I know there have been a lot of "wonderful" combinations of engines/chassis (Pajero's with V8 LS1 Chevy's engines, etc.) and if you are a private team (not a manufacturer/factory team) then there is no reason to prevent mix 'n matching.

That's what surprised me about you comment that the Petrobras Mitsu would have a FORD V8 in it...

Mitsubishi (via Hyundai) have an alloyblock V8 (8A80), which is a 4.5 liter GDi petrol engine from a couple of their (now discontinued) luxury sedan model range.

With some homologation paperwork, some internal tweaking and mate it up to a sequential transmission/transfer box (4WD), then perhaps this is the V8 powerplant that you "heard" in marocco, now that Mitsubishi has gone from GDi Diesel, back to V6 petrol and now (it seems most everyone who can, is turning to new generation quad cam) V8 power .
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