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As my brother mentioned we done three Tuareg or more correct I have started three times but only completed two of them.

Training or a fool's way to his life dream.

Started this year’s Tuareg with the ambition to achieve a Top 5 position to reach the target I knew that I sometimes needed to ride above my skill limit, well it didn’t really work out as planned.

Over and out at stage 1

A quick casting in Morocco

Good insurance coverage provided
a medical jet back to Sweden

The plan is to wright about the journey back from the injury after the mistake at Tuareg there the goal is to be at the start of Rally Mongolia 8th of August 2013. Together with my brother as his Tuareg didn’t went as planned either, due to my accident as he stayed with me after the crash waiting for the medical team to arrive. ORGA gave him time back the day after still you lose some focus after a happening like this. On the second day he made a high speed crash and joined me in the medicalroom for a few stiches in right hand, third day he blow the engine on the red one luckely it there a Husaberg available for the rest of the race.

The injury well I don’t know the medical terms but the lower knee-joint there crushed, but the doctor made as per my knowledge his best to fix it with the help of some plates and screws and under heavy influence of drugs under the first month the healing process started.

Some metall

I there not allowed to put any weight on the joint for the first 8 weeks, but important to bend and stretch the leg as much as possible, in the middle of this treatment I there scheduled to move to Ulaanbaatar to start a new job well I needed to postpone the move a couple of weeks but finally 4 weeks after surgery I landed Ulaanbaatar.

After 8-10 weeks all hardware there healed and I could now focus on the software who there down to Microsoft 1.0 beta strength, did a lot of training with rubber band etc. but no real progress. Finally in August I came to the conclusion that pain has to be treated with pain and I entered the local gym.


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