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Busy day. Nothing to report that you don't already know. Got to have a look over the Paul Bird CRT bike, cool guys on the team, let us take lots of photos, post them after i get home. The local Moto3 wildcard; Linc Gilding (75) is going well for a home grown effort running a modified 125 frame, team have a big thank you to David from motomatters, photos later.

The Ducatis were working better today, but have gone from complete crap to just plain crap. As David says about the handling problems being know, to watching and hearing the bike perform so badly around such a critical part of the track and how the riders have to compensate for the instability is a head scratcher.
Hector is a crack up as he cruises around waiting for a tow! I didn't mention what a piece of shit Colins bike was on Friday. However, they must of exercised some demons out it with voodoo dolls, as it performed much better today.

Other stuff; Boot hasn't posted because he been drunk/cannot get his ipad to work/couldn't be bothered! The main camp is a seething cess pool of drunken party animals, we're having a good time there each night. If you're not here, you're missing out on a top event...

Anyway, shower time, a few quiet beers then bed.... Big day tomorrow.

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