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Originally Posted by alongat View Post
Hello everyone. I have recently bought a 2004 950ADV from my friend. Bike has 49,000km on it. One time when he and I did a ride when the bike was still his, after about 2 hours of highway, we got off the highway for a break and the 950ADV puked out some coolant out of the reservoir. It wasn't much, just a good size puddle and the overflow just stopped - we assumed it had been overfilled. We continued to ride for the next two days with no issues. I bought the bike and have ridden it a lot in different scenarios with no issues. Last week after a few hours on the highway, again, we stopped for a break and the bike puked out coolant (bright and green). The coolant reservoir indicated coolant in it toward the lower end of the range but it ran fine and did not run hot. I ignored it and we kept on for the rest of the day. On my way home, I hit some city traffic and toward the end of my city ride (about 20 minutes of stop and go (mostly stop), the bike ended up running hot enough to show all bars of temperature and flash a red light at me. No coolant on the ground this time. I finally got the bike home and noticed that the coolant reservoir was nearly empty. I am stumped - is there a coolant blockage somewhere? Is the coolant system somehow developing air pockets on these highway rides - enough to overflow the coolant reservoir and then run low when I need the coolant? The fan works - I can hear it kick in at the correct temperature range, the bike runs fine otherwise. Coolant pump failing? Blockages of some sort? I am not seeing any white smoke out of the exhaust so I assume I don't have any blown head gaskets or damaged water passages, etc...

Any ideas or previous experience similar to this? Please share - I really appreciate it.

Thanks in advance,
Mine did the same and I replaced the radiator cap which was defective and it solved the problem...The system needs to be pressurized..
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