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Yesterday I bought a knit cap to keep my head warm. I noticed Throttlemeister was wearing one camping in Oklahoma and after sleeping last night with a cold head I can see why. I also bought a screw-in light bulb socket that has two outlets. I could have unscrewed the lightbulb in the park bathroom and screwed this in to allow me to charge AA batteries on one side and the laptop on the other. It will come in handy in cheap hotels in Latin America as well. There are lots of places that don't have outlets. They all have some sort of light though. Just screw this bad boy between the lightbulb and socket and you have power and light. I like it.

So I spent 4.23 on those and 15.64 on gas, 25.00 on the rally fee and 10.00 for my share of the ribs. For a total of 54.87. I'm living high on the hog.

Instead of eating dust today flogging my bike with a pack of dirt riders I think I'll just ride around and take pictures and enjoy the back country here. It really is a beautiful part of the state. There is a thin line that seperates fearless from foolish and I was dancing with the foolish line yesterday. Better cool it since I am not just out for the weekend like some of these boys.

It is 37 at 7am this morning so no hurry to go out riding really. I miss San Antonio and hanging out with Tricepilot. It was 85 down there day before yesterday. I think the Nomad Godess is trying to show me the folly of riding north to go south.

So far no shotguns around this campground. What's up with that? These Texas ADVriders need to get up to Oklahoma more.

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