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oh yeah, put a block off plate on the case already.

PVL? mentions having them,
but they don't elude to where you might be able to trade money for such a thing.
There's a PVL racing ignition on ebay right now, for the same $ as the MZB. I'd still like to be able to run lights.

I was thinking though, of fitting a racing ignition. And running the street shit (lights, blinkers, horn) on a whole separate system. Kind of like a quick detach "street legal system" that I could yank when I hit the track. I haven't thought about the specifics yet - nor do I really have much electrical knowledge. If I did that, It would probably end up being flashlight host clamped to the forks and a bicycle horn on the handlebars.

Points fair ok, you say? Maybe I'll hold off a bit then. I still have to grab up some pipes, tires, y-boot, battery.... in essence, I still have a lot of money I need to through at this piece.
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