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During the whole trip, 18 days, and riding over 9,200 miles I had two encounters with police.

1st encounter, Michigan.
I left early in the morning and just started my iron butt challenge. I was in a hurry and didn’t notice the oncoming police car. When I noticed him, it was too late. I see behind me he makes a U-turn, turns on his Christmas lights and starts chasing me. He politely asks me "Can you tell me why you were going 83 in a 55? Your license, registration and insurance”.

After seeing my NJ license plate perhaps curiosity got the best of him and he asked:
- Where you going?
- California
- Alone???
- Yes, I mean no. I’m meeting my son in Calgary and we’ll ride 2 up to Vancouver and then California.
- Together? On one bike?

We started talking for 5 minutes or so. I know the common rumor that the longer you talk to a cop the less likely he is to give you a ticket. After that he said, let me see you license anyway and I will check it. After a few minutes he returned and said "Usually I don’t give any breaks for such speeding" but after a few seconds of silence he handed me back my license and said "Have a nice day, ride carefully".
That was Michigan’s hospitality.

2nd encounter, California.
One day prior to Death Valley. I stopped in Lone Pine, a village of 20 huts, where there’s nothing going on. I left for a restaurant in the evening a half mile down the road. In my mirrors I see the same Christmas lights. A young officer, proud that he pulled over a criminal, stated he pulled me over because I was without a helmet.
- And this is the reason you moved your ass to stop me? What about your unfinished donuts? – this is what went through my head but actually said:
- And you will give me a ticket for this?
- Of course, you broke the law!
Oh man, after such a heinous violation I wanted to hang myself.
- Don’t worry he told me, you have a CDL license and won’t get any points, just the fine.
If it’s only a fine then so be it. I’m blown away by the $200 fine and wonder where they come up with the numbers. Well this broke state does need all the financial help it can get.
This was California’s hospitality.

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