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Sounds good, let's go!
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Shortly after sunrise went over to the parking lot where riders were assembling to go out:

Met this nice couple who liked the idea of heading off to South America when the kids get out of college. I can see Gail and Derrick heading down the road. Gail had that look in her eye. There is no cure but riding. Here's a pic of Derrick and Gail:

Wandered around the parking lot looking at bikes. This KTM is locked and loaded. Imagine how much fun that bike would be in the Colombian mountains:

Nice Triumph:

This KTM sounded like adventure when it left. Love the sound of that motor:

This fellow unloaded his plated KLX400 off the bumper rack on his Porsche Cayenne in the background. Must be nice:

I'd rather be riding than working and making payments. But that's just me.

This KLX 250S would be a sweet bike in Latin America:

I could see taking a WR with a Safari tank around the world. Great bike:

I'll head out when it warms up in a couple hours. More pictures of Texas hill country when I get back.

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