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Originally Posted by milzispete View Post
Surely the rear handbrake kit they sell would cure all the issues with lack of engine braking.
For the bump starting issue I think you might be able to adjust their clutch slave cylinder to engage the clutch. I haven't tried it but the video of the set up looks pretty easy and its all external.
As for actually bump starting a bike in sand, mud or rocks..........With a weight of 210kg+ and the seat height of a horse, I’m pretty sure this is easier said than done

I would imagine it's like giving a horse (of similar size) CPR and then trying to jump on its back as it ran off
While at the KTM Rally last month, the Rekluse Rep there suggested they did not have a turn-key setup for the 9x0.

He suggested that I'd need to adapt a 530 or 500 EXC rear master to get a brake hose attachment at that end.

I think I'd like one, if it didn't interfere with clutch lever use.
I still use my clutch lever as I used to, for all my normal riding.
The Rekluse is really just there to keep me from killing the motor, and for going slower up gnarly terrain.

It bump starts like normal with the slave they provide is adjusted for it.
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