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Originally Posted by GoNOW View Post
You also need something that will show speed and a odometer.

It must have an emissions label saying it's CA (or Federal if over 7500 miles on the odo) emissions legal for off-road.
If the bike is 2004 and newer, the label must say the above, but for on-road use.

For the best show at getting it plated, have all the original exhaust,evap, and smog equipment on it.

Sometimes you will get someone at the DMV who will not check or care, but not often.

DMV in Cali check Odo but not speedo. They do not check exhaust, evap, or smog equipment. They don't check lights or any safety equipment. You can take a partial bike in and get it registered if it has frame and engine numbers, it doesn't even need lights, it doesn't even need to run. It needs an ODO.
Plating dirt bikes has been spotty this last few years. Older bikes not in the system are easier. Newer bikes with 17 digit vins can bring up a red flag.
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