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Originally Posted by kingca3 View Post
Do you have any suggestions on warm clothing to wear? The boy and I did some camping recently, and I wore Under Armour to make it through the well below freezing temperatures. And, to be fair, the Under Armour certainly did its job - I was as warm as I could have been. But I found that the tights absolutely do not breathe and if you're not near a shower, sometimes wipes just won't cut it after a day or two, there was no getting around it. What other kinds of layering clothes are breathable but still warm, and possibly able to fit under a pair of jeans?
I found out about Wickers from another female rider. If you get on their email list, they have frequent sales.

I also wear Icebreakers and SmartWool, mostly in the cooler months. Wickers are better for hot weather (and much less expensive).

Good stuff!
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