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Originally Posted by GH41 View Post
Can you insure a bike with a salvage title? GH
short answer: YES

long answer: to insure the bike or any vehicle the agent / insurance company needs the VIN #, with that information they have all they need to find out the vehicle's history, but there is no a single company that will do it.
The insurance agent is required to inspect every vehicle with colision and comprehensive coverage, I personally take 2 pictures to cover my butt in case the vehicle had existing damage and the client plans to claim the damage under the new policy. Then when the company calls me to make sure I inspected the vehicle I can confidently say "yes I did. Do you want some pictures?"
As an insurance agent if I know there is a rebuild/salvage title I should insure the vehicle with liability only, but again I only need the VIN#, if the client doesn't tell me, I don't have any way to know and I'm not paying for a carfax report out of my pocket for every single vehicle.

Ok, now your bike is insured, you have an accident or it gets stolen, then and only after the fact some, not all companies will pull the accident history for the vehicle. But it is already too late, you have been paying premium for collision and comprehensive ( or "full cover" I hate this two words), the company needs to pay, remember they had all the information they needed but decided to save $10 on a carfax.
How much are they going to pay?
Every company is different, if they don't find out about the salvage title, you get full replacement value. If they know about the salvage, they will determine the price for a non salvage bike and then apply a deduction. Insurance is intended to get you back yo the very same situation you were before the accident, from my experience I have no a single client that was burned after a claim with a salvage vehicle.
If you are worried about the company calling you a liar because you didn't tell them about the salvage title, in first place they probably didn't even ask, but I had clients that didn't know their vehicle was in an accident before and never heard about salvage/rebuild title in their life.
There you go!!

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