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Originally Posted by ddavidv View Post
Nice reports. Keep them coming.
I piss and moan a lot about living here (mostly due to the weather), but it does offer good riding.
The Rockville Bridge is covered in a book written a few years ago. You wouldn't think a book about a bridge would be all that interesting, but I really enjoyed it.
Well, I've lived in worse places for weather- Houston, for but one example. Another good book you might enjoy -
"Susquehanna: River Of Dreams" by Susan Q Stranahan (IIRC). Details the geology (facts & theories) and historical human interactions with the Susquehanna River, canal systems, etc.- VERY cool.

I regard PA as having some of the best motorcycling anywhere- mostly mountains, mostly rural, sparsely populated in all the good [mo'cyclin'] parts, and people on bikes virtually everywhere.
I'm not native to here but lived here most of my adult life.

Another [major] bonus of life in Central PA- 2 hours to Philly & D.C., 1&1/2 hours to Baltimore, 3 hours to NYC. 20 minutes to pure countryside, and always [comparatively] minimalist rush hour.
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