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Hello !
I can speak here only of my experience. But with cars with points then with electronic ignition and motorcycles with points and electronic ignition.
If you speak about reliability (ie rate of failure given the number of years of service or mileage) electronic ignition beat all systems. (provided it was devised as a whole as is the BMW system)
If you speak about repairing a failure in very remote areas, then you can always fix points with rubber band or a file, but what about a coil failure ?
My R65 is 30 years old and has still all original electronic equipment fitted. Never had to check the system or tune in any ways. (except when I had to remove the bean can for timing chain job or gasket leak repair)
If I plan to go in a desert, or in a very remote area, I'll bring a second electronic unit and fit a second hall sensor in the bean can. As the first one hold it for 30 years, I can get around the globe for the life of the "second one"....
Electronic ignition is a way better system to run a petrol engine. No matter what you say or think. Now, these system have overcome their infancy problem and the electronic is as reliable as can be. Can't be beaten.
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