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After all the riders left this morning it was very peaceful in the camping area behind the rodeo arena:

It turned out to be a beautiful day in Texas for riding. Warmed up into the 60s. The nice thing about riding in the dust is that it shows little oil leaks on the motor. I noticed the timing inspection cover was seeping as well as the oil filter cover. It is easy to strip small bolt threads in aluminum motors, so I just snug them. If they seep I snug them a tad more. Which I did. The bike has only gone 2500 miles but it seemed like a nice place for an oil change so I rode into town and got a quart and came back to the campground. Dropped the oil in a styrofoam dinner tray from the trash and poured it into the empty oil bottle for recycling. Noticed my riding pants had a seam coming unstiched so sewed it up. Cleaned and oiled the air filter. Throttlemeister had given me some pantyhose to put over the stock foam filter to act as a pre-filter. I had heard about that trick but never tried it. It works. Much of the dust from yesterday's ride was on the surface of the pantyhose. Washed it out. Nice.

Went out for a ride through the back country gravel ranch roads. I believe this is the edge of Texas hill country. Rode over winding hills down through tree tunnels of scrub oaks:

Past rusting abandoned farm equipment and old outbuildings:

You don't get as dusty going down the straight sections when you're not following someone kicking up dust with the throttle pinned. At this point I was keeping my shadow on my left since it was afternoon and I wanted to head south. Left the GPS back in the tent and I don't have a map:

Eventually came to a sign that said road closed 1 mile ahead. Great. It's always worth checking out. Closed usually doesn't mean closed if you're riding a little dirt bike:

Up over the berm it looked good to me:

Sort of a baby version of the Sixaola railroad bridge going across the border on the Carribean side between Costa Rica and Panama.

Very relaxing day of riding. Tomorrow it's off towards the Mexican border. A nice man had been reading this ride report and handed me a folded paper. Inside were two folded twenties. A donation for gas. I went over and grabbed him and had him sign the gas tank. It is very humbling accepting generosity like this. But I consider this trip research and development for young riders who follow in the future. Is it possible to ride to South America and give back by writing a ride report and send back pictures and stories? Who knows? We'll find out. Today I didn't buy gas since I only went maybe 120 miles wandering. $7.12 for oil and food.

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