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Hey Scott, the best part of the ride you missed was Beatty's Butte it was AMAZING! it was the longest hill climb I have done so far and I would love to do it again, the ride started out with a great breakfast with good company and perfect weather but the route was too long and really needed to be done over a few days. Once again not to many pic's but I will share what I have.

The long road to Beatty's Butte.

Mike and Mark figuring out the best route to the top.

I took some time to find the right route to the top, a lot of the roads are almost invisible at times, I think we almost circled the base of Beatty's Butte before we found the way.

Pic at the halfway point.

We past Mikes bike on the way up and found a good flat spot closer to the top to park, the wind was crazy hard and even blew Dan's bike over after he parked it

Mike trying to add a note to the log book with out the pages blowing away.


This is were Dan and Bill had to run down the hill to pick Dan's bike up after the wind blew it over.

Mark and Mike.

Mark leaning into the wind.

Starting the ride down.

The wild bunker we found.

The bunker had a good 360 deg view of the landscape.

Views from the road down to Plush were we got gas.

After we got gas in Plush we looked at the map and the clock and it was getting late for a ride into area that would most likely be the same enoying rocky roads we were on like the Black Cayon road was, so Dan, Mark and I wanted to head back to Denio and Mike and Bill headed back to the route, and from Mikes post about the rocks and after what Bill showed us how many parts of his bike that fell off from the 6" to 2ft rocks they the had to ride over for miles I think we made the best choice, Mike was just trying to get more ride time in after he lost a day when his chain turned into a pritzel.

Everyone made it back that night Ok, it was fun watching Bill and Mike's progess online with the spot when we were eating our steak dinner (Every Saturday night is steak night don't miss it one of the best steak dinners I have had in a long time and it was under 30 bucks!).

Dan and I needed to gas the truck up before we head out in the morning and they don't open the gas pumps until 8 am so we got some extra sleep, Mike, Mark and Bill got an early start but seemed to have had some extra time to leave a gift for us. Don't worry Mike, we will make sure you get your gift soon!

On the way home Dan told me he imagined you looked a lot like this guy TP in hand and running around the truck with a evil little laugh!!!

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