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Originally Posted by DuctTape View Post
I disagree, you are able to go a lot slower then a stock 990 with greater control even in 2nd gear and as for the deceleration all you need to do is blip the throttle and she engages and slows you down. As for bump starting you are able to bump start the newer Rekluse.

I say this from experience and not from something I've read.

I too thought "I don't need no stinkin Auto Clutch" but now that I have one I can go places I couldn't before. Find someone that has the newer version and take it for a spin, you'll be impressed with the transformation.
My experience as well. In the super slow tight stuff it slips the clutch far more accurately than I could ever do. Also, slow technical climbs in second gear really tame the off idle fueling kick and give you much better traction.

Some folks like it, some dont. I happen to love the Rekluse on the big bike.
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