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Originally Posted by AnnieGS View Post
Given my personal interests in agriculture and economics, I'm saddened to note the absence of a single reference in this thread to the amendment language that addresses the cultivation of industrial hemp, a drought-resistant cash crop with no potential for "abuse" involved. Weyerhaeuser and DuPont will be quite pleased.
I agree completely. I can see many grand benefits to the de-criminalization of hemp. I have no issue with folks using THC for medical purposes. I have no issue with responsible recreational use, either.

It's the government endorsement of that use, via taxation and regulation, that makes my skin crawl. I see a long line of clever traps on both sides of this issue..... my gut instinct is to leave that ballot question unanswered. I'm quite honestly on the fence here, and I don't like it much. Those with well-thought-out arguments on both sides are welcome to pursuade me.
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