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Originally Posted by Mike The Swede View Post
A few more questions:
- How about food? How was the supply from the organizers? Do recommend to bring like "Adventure Packs" and a mini burner to cook your own dinner? We use to do that at the Tuareg as your were arriving in late afternoon and dinner was served at 9:00 PM. Access to drinking water?
- How would you describe the course/track? Was it any really long tough stages with dunes and soft sand?
- I saw on the DVD that some riders arrived after dark, do you need to bring a good LED-light to put on the helmet?

  • Food was supplied, all made with bottled water.
  • I didn't have any stomach issues the whole time....Noodles, rice, and some lamb meat things i couldn't identify, but ate a lot of. Drinking water was provided, all from bottles. I wouldn't worry about bringing a stove set up.
  • I would bring snacks and stuff to add to the lunch packs that were provided.
  • I never finished after dark, but some folks did, just a bike headlight would be good, a helmet light may be overkill.
  • The track was wonderful, a few sand days, but nothing too horrible. Lots of beautiful tow track and a good mix of rock washes and desert. A handful of riders were on 250cc bikes and pulled through it all.

We saw camels, goats, yaks, cows for miles.....not a single fence, just open range land and great views.
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