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Originally Posted by Zombie_Stomp View Post
I assume it test shifts ok?
As long as I'm spinning the clutch input shaft it seems to shift ok, although sometimes hangs a little by 4th and 5th. If I move the shifter shaft up and down and keep spinning it will shift into those gears. I'm assuming that's because it's not a continuous revolution and the cogs aren't smoothly meshing? I remember having to do that with my other bikes by rocking them back and fourth, engine not running, to get them to shift through the gears so I'm assuming it is a similar issue and not really a problem.

My first 'real' problem: Cylinder bolted on and torqued no probs. Went to install head bolts. Not even up to 'hand tight' and I could feel the rear one near the timing chain spinning. Yep. Stripped threads. Trip to Roseburg! I now have in my possession a M8X1.25 Helicoil Kit, courtesy of O'Reilly Auto. I have enough to do all the threads if it comes to that!

I am using Indian Head Shellac Gasket coating instead of RTV or Copper Spray. I've always had good success with it on these kind of projects.

That's it for now! May go on out to the garage tonight and install a helicoil.
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