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more pics from day 8.

Wind was blowing so hard we all to see if it would lift us leaning into it. maybe good because if it was calm I can see where we would have lost an hour kicked back enjoying the "top of the world" view here,

the old radio sight used an old icebox staked down with fence posts to house it's batterys, smart really, good insulated enclosure.

Mikes give up and walk the rest of the way park job, the rest of us found the way up and parked in the wind, doh!

coming back down was kind of tricky in spots

the roof of the mystery bunker, nice place to hang out

the abandoned glass house

four poster bed inside

interesting metal curb bordered the driveway, battery led lights mounted on it

not sure what this was supposed do, modern art gutter drain or something? wavey steel was definitely a theme in the decor
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