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Feyala's at a Halloween party in Keeler, of all places I'm filling in for her....
Today we went to see an Ashram house up on the side of a Mtn. Built by a cult of some sort run by a guy named Wolfe.

This place is about a 2 mile hike from 6500 feet to 8500 hundred feet....maybe higher. We left about noon and only had to ride about 10 miles...5 mile of light sandy 2 track with a side camber to most of it. Again Feyala was pressing her confidence level. Of course, it didn't help any that it was an 80 degree angle down several hundred feet, if she strayed a couple feet.

She screams like a baby inside her helmet when the going gets iffy, but she keeps going. My hat's off to her.

We were headed toward this canyon.
From DV Oct 2012

20 minutes brought us to the trail head. Fey was so happy to be off the bike she gave me the salute, and Nip can hardly contain himself and celebrates a glorious day.
From DV Oct 2012

Were going to climb to an elevation equal to the base of the big rock cliff on the right.
From DV Oct 2012

After a half hour climbing I would use any excuse to stop for a bit.
From DV Oct 2012

This year is the year for Pinon nuts. It happens every 6 or 7 years. This year the critters cant eat or store them all. When a cone hits the ground some nuts fall out and there are many just laying there to be picked up.
From DV Oct 2012

We climbed for an hour and a half....with some 5 minute breaks. We crossed a stream and went thru tree tunnels. Finally we arrived at a damned nice building....a bit out of repair, but a building that could be brought back if someone wanted to.
From DV Oct 2012

We sat around for an hour resting up and enjoying the scene before we started back down at 2:50pm. down was easier.
From DV Oct 2012

From inside looking out...
From DV Oct 2012

It only took 40 minutes to get down to the bikes....gotta say I was whipped. As I type this at 8:20 I know my legs will ache walking back from Micky D's the 2 blocks to Nip's place. If you want to play, you got to pay.

Fey was white knuckle on the way down, but again she's willing to learn.... and again she didn't drop the bike. What's not to like about that?

On the way back we went thru the
Alabama Hills of Lone Pine. It about a 2 mile square section of weird rocks where Hollywood has made countless western and sci fi movies, commercials and all sorts of stuff. It's quite spectacular. Here's an example....there are more in the album....
From DV Oct 2012

A few minutes more and we were home at 5pm. Nip had a Halloween party to go to, but I couldn't make it. Lady Fey went to see what happens at a Halloween party in Keeler, Town of 50 folks, maybe.....should be good..

Here's the rest of the album... new picks start at the white house just after the red Studebaker...
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