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Originally Posted by Duck_Pilot View Post
Yer on dangerously thin ice with that post, friend. Please think on it a bit harder.

"Sin Taxes" are far more sinful than the products being taxed. Such revenues are inconsistent, and Uncle Sam needs a steady stream of YOUR cash to keep up appearances.

Remember that we motorcyclists are in a very small minority, and special taxes on our bikes, parts, license endorsements and registration tags might seem a very good idea for the 85% of this country's population that don't ride. The "social cost" arguments are used to curb individual liberty all over the world, and you may be painting targets on all of our backs here.

And if you think that professional politicians and bureaucrats will EVER eliminate a taxation scheme - for ANY reason - yer not thinking clearly. It will take a very real revolution at the ballot-box to make that happen.
Clark, the sky is not falling. Several other countries have and will continue to tax at far, far higher rates than the United States. Yet, they stand and we continue to descend into debt. The people demand grand government on a shoestring budget.

We need to pay more in taxes. It's a reality. Option b is returning to a 1940's system. Either way, anyone getting hung up on the tax issue is really is in that as a smoke screen for something else.
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