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Originally Posted by wittyusername View Post
I'm at brett's house and the truck is finally all loaded up. Our gear layout is complete. I can't believe how much crap we have. All our bags are packed and ready to go. We're done! All we have left to do is drink copious amounts of alcohol then drive to Baja! We just cracked open Blue label scotch and the send off has begun. The steaks should be on the grill any minute.

Hope we don't get too drunk before our 5am departure time tomorrow. It's going to be a long drive. By the trip to Baja started from Fort Lauderdale, FL.

Brett shared a story with me about something ridiculously funny that happened to them at the expo. Wish I was there.

Some guy approached our booth...I might not be quoting accurately but here's the jist of the conversation.

Brett: "Hi we're Team TCB. We're racing in the..."
Some guy: (interrupted Brett) "Oh yeah! I know who you are!! I've been following you on Adv!!"
Brett: "That's awesome man! Thanks for..."
Some guy: "(interrupted Bret againt) "Which one are you?"
Brett: "What do you mean?"
Some guy: "Which rider are you?!"
Brett: "I'm Brett"
Some guy: "Oh, you're not the guy who falls all the time? Where's the guy who falls all the time?!!"
Brett: " mean Scott."
Some guy: "Yeah yeah!! Where is Scott?"
Brett, Allan, John, and Ed: "HAHAHAHAHAHHHAHAHA"

Not sure I like being known as the "guy who falls all the time."

But either way...I'm just glad we have followers.

You know Ewan McGregor gets that a lot too.

An Elefant never forgets.
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