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The wind was so intense that a fine layer of red dust covered everything in the tent. Between the constant tent ruffling in the wind and my coughing, I didn't sleep very well again. Not sure I've had a great night of sleep since I left home for some reason.
I deliberately rose well before the sun to try some more experiment with some time lapse stills and just enjoy being in such an amazing place. This place is special for me, a place to be closer to your maker, it's like a church.

I needed to come here. Most points on the map were optional, this one was not.

I set up the camera and went for a little hike. Amazing what's hiding in every nook and cranny.

Not far from my camp was this rig, which passed by fairly early. German markings.

I broke camp, shook out the red dust and headed west.

Saw something I've never seen before, a wild dog eating a dead horse randomly on the side of the road, I had to turn around and get a picture. The dog was a bit camera shy though.

And I'm guessing most of you don't want to see the horse.

For those interested, we're up over 3000 miles so far.

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