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One of my oldest friend's and I went on a one day trip this weekend. He drove his Acura NSX and I was on the GS. We left Arlington at 3PM on Friday. Just before we get on 66...

Traffic out of DC was still terrible at 3:00 We then sat for 30 min on 29S due to this accident. Ugghhhh just get me outta the city!

Off Rapidan Rd

Rapidan Mill

We had a delicious dinner at The Exchange BBQ in Gordonsville then rode over to FOXedupONE's place for the night. We had a wonderful time drinking and laughing into the night.

THe following morning Valentino wanted to see what this supercar was all about

Hitting the twisties on 33

Rough Run

Then shit got real

The road was like this the entire way up tp Spruce Knob

But finally on the descent it brightened up a bit

Seneca Rocks

Chocolate Meringue Pie and Coffee.

After cruising along 28 and 55 we stopped at Wardensville for some brews.


On 66 heading home

For a backyard homemade pumpkin beer tapping party

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