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Originally Posted by peterman View Post
I walked from my bed to the bathroom a couple 2 or 3 times,,and to the computer once, before I went back to bed.
Sick= sucks!
Get well damnit!!!

We dicked around home most of the day. Stood around in the barn and stared at the latest piece of Russian Iron that found it's way here to my hall of misfit toys. Later in the afternoon we wandered in to Oakshire Brewery for some good Beer and Music. Then to the Sushi Joint for some tasty baitfish concoctions. From there we hit up Falling Sky Brewery to sample their wares. Then off to Cinco Homo's for a bit of Cow. Then the Liquor store for a couple bottles of Everclear. Then Walmart for some jugs and a little hide and seek. And then to Winco for a couple bags of bulk Cinnamon Sticks. The buzz was wearing off so we Headed out to Yukon Jacks for a few more drinks and some prime people watching. Sometimes it's hard to tell if people are wearing costumes or thats just normal for them. Turned out to be a great day. Tomorrow we corral some of the apples around here and run them through the press...screw the rain....
Does this look Swollen?
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