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Originally Posted by Panama View Post
Thanks for keeping up and doing such a great job on this report. I check it everyday!
I am curious about your larger tank and your experience with gas availability south of the boarder.

Myself and two other friends and trying to plan a ride from the USA to Panama. I have a KLR650 so I feel like gas wont be an issue, but one of the guys has a 2009 BMW G Xcountry 650 with a little tank and about 150 mile travel distance (at best).

On your ride to Panama last year was gas ever an issue?

- Thanks for any tips
Hi Panama,

My Sherpa came with a factory 2ish gallon tank. Hit reserve at 100ish miles. It was a pain stopping all the time for gas. So I saw a pictorial how-to that a kid did on the Super Sherpa thread over in the Thumper ADV section. He put an XR650 aftermarket 4 gallon tank on his Sherpa. So I found a 4 gallon aftermarket Clarke XR650 tank on Craigslist for 100 bucks and enlarged the front pucks and padding like he did to adapt it to the Sherpa. It looks dorky, but gives me a longer range.

Now, as far as your friend's X-country I don't think I'd worry about it too much. That fuel injected 650 motor gets excellent fuel economy if you stay off whacking the throttle. Sure it would be nice to have more fuel capacity. But with fuel injection and fuel pumps it's a hassle and would cost him beaucoup bucks to change. Plus he probably doesn't want to have a dorky looking bike. Me, I don't care. Function over form.

But here's the thing. You will be the tanker on your KLR. If your buddy runs out of gas, just empty the water out of a water bottle, shake it out, fill it with gas from your petcock, dump it in his tank and you're good to go to keep heading to the nearest gas station.

That's the beauty of riding with buddies. Teamwork. You guys are going to have a blast!

On the way to Panama and back I only hit reserve maybe once. I would fill up every 100 miles. Even in the boonies you can find gas from private individuals who sell it out of jugs and barrels.

Would it be nice to have a bigger tank? Sure. But if you're just traveling to Panama and back on a smallish budget, there are cheaper options than a honkin' aftermarket tank.

Some folks stop to pick up a small gas can or fill up some bottles with gas if they are traveling solo through unknown areas. It is always cheaper than an aftermarket tank for the few times you think you might need it.

Hope this helps.

John Downs
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