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We get to experience Sandy twice. We were in the Dominican Republic (which shares an island with Haiti) when it went through Jamaica and caused a lot of flooding & high winds in Haiti. The DR had some rain & wind but didn't seem to get hit too badly that we saw.

I had too many errands to do yesterday so didn't ride. Purposely waited until later in the day to go to the grocery store. Not so much to stock up on storm supplies but because we'd just gotten back from the DR trip. We have a generator and the well pump, heating system and fridge are connected to the generator changeover panel, so it's not even that I need extra water.

I took my guidance on when to go to the store from noting something on the TV news about gas station lines the day before. On the late news they were saying that earlier in the day there were long gas lines and various belligerence, but that by evening there were no lines. So I went a bit later and the store was fine.

I might get in an hour or two today of riding, I don't expect rain until the afternoon. That would be the last time for a while.
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