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Originally Posted by ride4321 View Post
I posted on another thread here a few days ago about this Elite I picked up for $100. Thought I'd start a new thread since I'm gonna have a lot of questions and maybe I can get some answers here.


So I've got it running which is good. Don't have much info on this bike but did get the service manual online. I don't have a key but the switch has be "modified" and I can turn it with a pair of pliers now.

First question. It's on the center stand running but the rear wheel isn't turning, not even when I give it more throttle. I thought it should engage with throttle input. Is it possible the brake switch is sticking? I haven't messed with that yet.
I have one of those I bought new. Your wheel should definitely be turning. I would guess either the belt is broken or- gasp- the final drive went without lubrication. I did that back in the 80s, ruined the bearings and had to get it fixed. But of course look for little things first. Drain the final drive to see if any oil is in there.
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