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Originally Posted by Pecha72 View Post
I see that in a bit of a different light.

This year Pedrosa has shown, that heīs NOT settling for second, like he has done many times before. Today was a good example, and though itīs easy to say now in hindsight, that he went too fast too early on, he was just 100% determined to keep the others behind, at whatever cost.

That was his one and only chance to take the title decision to Valencia anyway. And he probably knew fully well, that Stoner was just about to set a blistering pace, and that he was already in danger of getting passed.

BTW, that was Daniīs one and only real mistake on track all year (I donīt think what happened in Misano was his fault at all). Also keep in mind, that Jorge came really close to crashing in Sepang just a week ago, and had that happened, the whole championship wouldīve been blown wide open, so there really isnīt much separating these two. Just a bit of good luck/bad luck, that was decisive.

It kinda sucked for Dani, that Casey had to win this one, cos if it wouldīve been any other track, then maybe there would have been hope of some sort of help from Casey? But Stoner wanting to get this one was understandable, too.

The only ones, who never make mistakes, are the people, who donīt even try. I take my hat off for Dani, because heīs really tried as hard as he could, and put everything on the line. This time it did not work for him, but on the other hand, he was closer than ever. And this is the sort of attitude, that he needs, to finally get that elusive title in MotoGP.
I think he was using the Rossi Laguna Seca 2008 tactic. He had to finish in front of Lorenzo and hopefully have Stoner between him and Lorenzo. Get in front and hold the other two back.

Unfortunately it was a right turn ( Honda Hairpin IIRC?) and they were on the second lap (IIRC?). Philip Island is basically a left hand turn track, so cold right side of tire, left hand track, ( and perhaps trying a little too hard?), ingredients for a low side for sure.

Lorenzo's consistency is amazing and surely something for the record books depending on how he finishes in Valencia. One bike, One rider in first or second place for that many races? Amazing.

Hopefully Dani with continue with this fine form for next year with some truly epic battles for the championship.

He's starting to remind me of Sete Gibernau however.
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