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Originally Posted by O.C.F.RIDER View Post
Nobody seems to realize that, for what the 950 is (or was), it ain't that porky. You can't compare it to anything else, because it's in a class of one.

The new beast.......................
"Not that porky" does not mean that it could not be made lighter, does it? Luckily there have been 10 years since the introduction of the 950 with no revolutionary design changes since, and technology has moved on.

Originally Posted by triplenickel View Post
I'm really not sure where some people (not you obviously) would expect the savings to come from with an 800 if all else was equal or close to equal with the 9X0's. You want slightly less HP, but with suspension and fuel capacity it's gonna make it end up damn close to the same. Just compare the 9x0 to the current crop of less suspended, less powerful 800 offerings from the competition, they aren't very far apart and with the common mods like exhaust get even closer. We all agree the HP is a big part of what makes the 9X0's so much fun and so good on the boring bits and we want to take that away for a few kg's? No thanks.
Really? Come on guys, it's not rocket science....

The weight difference between a 690 and a 990 (non ABS!) is around 140 lbs, with the engines accounting for around 40 lbs of that. Considering the smaller displacement and that manufacturing technologies have improved, a die cast 700-800cc twin engine should be at least 10 lbs lighter than the 990, probably more.

So you've got around 110 lbs difference after the engine, you don't think you can beef up a 690 chassis enough to deal with 80-90 horses and add a fairing and be left over with a significant portion of that? The 450RR rear tank that bolts to the 690 chassis is available already and weighs maybe 1 lb more, and with it's 18 liters of fuel will give you better range than a 990 has.

And don't forget that the 690 already has 48mm forks, 21"/18" wheels with Dirt Star rims, the same brakes as the 950SE and that the 690 rally replicas and even the factory LC4 rally bikes (some sporting a >80HP 730cc engine) run through the desert at up to 200 km/h for two weeks during the Dakar using that same trellis frame and I have never heard of anybody having problems, have you?

I think with some modern and creative engineering a 80-90 HP 700-800cc twin with 360-380lbs (wet no fuel) is a realistic goal, and I'd buy one tomorrow.
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