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Originally Posted by linzi View Post
i don't remember which regatta it was at, but it was the night before the races, and coaches and coxswains (only) were supposed to report for a coaches/coxswains meeting to go over the course, rules, etc. So, because i was varsity coxswain and team captain (i know that surprises all of you so very much ), there i was, and everyone is packed into this building, and we're shoved in there like sardines because it's a bunch of high schools and colleges from around the country. The race coordinator called roll, and when they got to texas, there was this huge "yeehaw!" from the back of the room. They had every single member of their team in there, taking up space and generally being obnoxious while everyone else was trying to focus on instructions so they didn't run into a bridge or anything.

It was at that point that i decided texas had the biggest douchebags in all of collegedom. (maybe that's why i dislike muschamp so much?) "hook 'em horns" makes me want to punch somebody right in the nose.

And, another rowing story... It was uf/ga weekend, and we had a race in jacksonville. We're going along, mid-race, and here comes a motorboat cruising right through the middle of the course, right up through lanes and lanes of shells. Every seen a rowboat of eight people try to change course quickly? It doesn't happen. Fortunately, no one got hurt, but there were some close calls. The boat was flying a georgia bulldogs flag. Guy was drunk as a skunk.

...and then there was that time that fsu *did* run into a bridge. Right smack into that big concrete pylon.

Regattas were always more interesting during football season.
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