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Originally Posted by Jurgen View Post
I was trying to create a crafty reply in my head about A&M would be glad to represent then it hit me. An epiphany if you will. Why Linzi and that other guy who left slamming the door a week or two ago resent A&M and Missouri so much.

I thought, "I like A&M, but the SEC isn't my conference." --

I'm sure for fans of University of SEC in Gainesville, Georgia or even that good team in Alabama feel similarly. "What are they doing here?"

It just doesn't work. It doesn't feel right. A&M and Missouri belong in the Big12. A very good A&M (say doing as well as KSt this year) I could get excited about... if they were in the Big12. In the SEC, yeah I'll still cheer for them- but they feel like that cousin that has dropped out of yours and your families life.

That guy slamming the door was being an asshole, and he's sorry.

But of course it's going to take time. Look at a school like Penn State. Are you going to say they didn't take a few years to 'feel' like a big 10 school?
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