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Finished my hack job side stand. Only took 5 Dremel cut-off wheels trying to cut 3/4" stainless steel all-thread. It's a rough out design and I'm sending the measurements to dad who is going to turn some old barrel blanks to size and help me clean it up. I miss having a full machine shop downstairs.

Then went about replacing the range change nut that I crushed when I got mad because I couldn't get it to stay put. Pulled the headlight mask off, swapped it out, put the mask back on, got everything bolted up and then realized that the other nut had moved. No big deal, just pull everything again, pinch the nut a bit so it won't fall, put everything back together, bolt it all back up.... and realize that the 1st nut I replaced has fallen.

Take the shit back off a 3rd time, get everything just so, and slap the headlight mask back on before the nuts have a chance to think of a new way to screw with my day.

Then I replaced the oil jet with the new style jet, which looks like it'll do a really good job. Pull the clutch slave and this dirty looking liquid falls on the floor.

The snap ring on my Evoluzione slave looks corroded (like a battery terminal) and so does the metal plate behind the plastic spacer. Pull the stuff off, clean it, push the plunger in, remove the snap ring, verify it's just surface crap, reinstall it, and pump the clutch some to see if any fluid takes off like a water hose.

Nothing happened.

Take a bottle of water, pour a few drops on the liquid, and put my chemistry classes to good use. Nothing separated, no oil globs, so it's just water.

Hot damn! We're in like Flynn.

Bolt it all back up, put the tools back under the seat, look at the clock, and realize it's almost 5 pm and I've been working on this for about 3 hours. Go inside, fall asleep on the couch, and make plans to ride today.

It's a good thing my dad used to own a Penton shop and taught me to love working on bikes.
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