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Originally Posted by bikepharmer View Post
It is true, I've never ridden a 690, but I have owned and ridden a KLR and DR, and now own a 990.

So, you want KTM to build a 750/800 cc twin, similar to the Tiger/BMW F800GS, but you want it to weigh 350 lbs, be suitable for highway purposes, and handle like an MX bike off-road. Plus, you want it to be reasonably priced and strong. Damn, that is a pretty tall order for any maker. They would need to shave 200-ish cc's off the 990, and find a way to lose 80-100 lbs. That means tiny tank, skinny seat, and little or no wind protection.

I think you have a better chance of riding a unicorn

All in fun, mate. We all have our wish list, but I've yet to see a single bike fit everyone needs absolutely perfectly. There are always compromises.
You should catch up on the thread before posting your reply, I've demonstrated the math.

690 weighs 312 lbs, tell me what is unrealistic about adding another cylinder and making everything a bit more heavy duty if you've got an extra 50-60 lbs to play with as I have outlined?
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