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Originally Posted by chasbmw View Post
This looks a bit like the replacement bean can sold in the UK by Motorworks
nope, Bulldust's beancan has a major advantage of having two halls with two pigtails. if one fails, simply switch pigtails and you are back up. carrying a spare ignition module with a new Dyna coil installed. odds are you will not be walking due to ignition failure from Bulldust's ignition system.

same can be done with OEM beancan by adding a second halls with second pigtail. then carry a spare ignition module with new Dyna coil exactly as above.

just in case one has not caught it. second halls is exactly 180degrees from first halls trigger. since both plugs are firing every 180 degrees. second arc is a wasted spark. switching to second halls trigger would have zero effect on ignition timing.

switching to Dyna coil eliminates failure risk from OEM 12v Bosch coil. having a spare ignition module completes entire ignition backup.

spraying ignition advance with light oil prevents weights sticking. if one is adding second halls trigger, mechanical advance would be serviced then.

if my beancan with points was not working so sweeeet... would be highly tempted to add a second halls trigger on my old electronic beancan.
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