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Picked this 1979 GS850G cheap the other day. The bike sat for a while. The seller had it running earlier this year but one carb was leaking gas through the overflow so I imagine the needle(s?) is hanging up.
Odometer says 17k miles and the seller claims that's correct. You find quite a few low mile bikes in MT. since the riding season is short for some folks.
The bike looks pretty original. I found that the muffler hangers have been "home built" as is the rear tank mount under the seat. Other than that, all appears unmolested. Electrical all in one piece, all lights work, seat in good shape, tank interior clean, nothing missing that I can see. The tires appear fairly new. (Dunlops) One side cover is cracked / has the mounting "knob" broke off but I have the knob....should be able to repair.
I have it sitting under a cover for the time being. I'll be putting it in line with my other projects for when I get to to AZ. in the next few weeks.

I had a GS850L years back. Can't remember what year it was ( maybe a 1980?). It was a great bike and was heavy but very good on the road.
I see some GS850's have spoked wheels, some have painted fenders, some have different body work. They seem to have had a lot of changes, some within the same model year..... but maybe they were different model designations?

I'll post a few more photos after I get it cleaned up and in running order. I bought it to repair and "flip" but I have a tendancy to "fall in like" with some of my old projects. I'm looking forward to riding it.
"Fall in like" I can relate.I should sell every thing I have moto related and buy one quality read to go bike.Instead,I spend more time wrenching than riding.
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