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Originally Posted by olionel View Post
Your pics look very nice. Nice one on getting a book out of it. I couldn't get the other half interested until last month (she's only just got a wee cg125 and has started riding around)... we fear it may be too late to take two bikes though. Would have been nice.. One person carries jerry cans the other the tent. Ah well two up on the beast it is. Also I was umming and arring about to keep or ditch the topbox as I fear it may wobble and snap.. you seem to have kept it so I think I'll keep it till it breaks. Thanks for the input anyways!

Have fun!
The topbox only just made it! The box itself is fine, the plastic removable latch thing is the weak point. Best to ditch that and just bolt the box to the rack and make it permenant. Also I beefed up the metal mount with a welder and pipe work. If you can afford to buy proper stuff, then do it - its worth the money. Its a long way!!!
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