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Originally Posted by DriveShaft View Post
very very cool. And a pretty awesome display of ultralight structures.
Yeah the structure is awesome, will be great to see how they build it "Crazy glue" instead of epoxi...??

It appeared that they could benefit from some cycling theory about cadence, and gearing. I think they're soooo close. I would imagine, though every ounce is precious.
yes 10% reduction in RPM will get them more stable and less bouncy, then again maybe they are approach it as a "Anaerobic" exercise, who knows I'm sure they have very smart people around.

and working in a directional controller that works--while you are peddling your ass off--is going to be a hell of an ambition.
That is a the next big challenge, even with a "Hand to control it" is complicated, never mind the means to accomplish it, very interesting project none the less (I'm been following the helicopter challenge since I was in Design school in the 80')
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