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I'm planning a similar route June 2013 and would like to know what you packed like gas?, water?..any info wold help..this will be my first adventure type trip - solus - and i'd like to be prepared..I heard there were two gas stations along the way. was the gas clean?..could you get premium?..I will be riding a bmw 2012 r1200gsa...planning to put karoo 2's on it..good choice?...let me know what you honestly think..looking forward to your recommendations..

This is a challenging trip for sure, so it's great you're doing some planning. For gas, I didn't worry about carrying any extra. The adventure has plenty of capacity so you won't need to worry as long as you fill up whenever possible. If you're going up North from Baie-Comeau, fill up there, fill up at Manic 5, Relais-Gabriel, Labrador City, Churchill Falls, Happy Valley-Goose Bay, Port Hope-Simpson.. once you're past there, you're basically home free gas wise. I don't think premium was available at Manic 5, Relais-Gabriel, Churchill Falls and Port Hope-Simpson, but I wouldn't stress too much about that either. The gas was fine and is powering everyone along the way without any real issue. For water, a 3L camelbak was in my jacket and I'd recommend you have a couple of liters extra along with you in case of emergency.

I haven't run the Karoo 2s, but I think they would be fantastic on the gravel. I was running some Tourance tires that were nearly at the end of their service life at departure, so anything will work better than that. I am now running some Michelin Anakee 2 tires and they look like they would hold up better, but there's not much question the knobbies would be better in the gravel. It's a matter of if you're comfortable having the knobbies for the extended pavement sections to/from the TLH, as well as the ~300k or so of that road that *is* paved already. Make no mistake though, there is 4-5 times as much unpaved stuff that can really suck as is paved currently.

I will advise you to be prepared not to have any real amenities on the way.. if you have an opportunity to purchase a hot meal and use a bathroom, go for it... it's really a wild and remote area which is part of the appeal, but you need to come prepared for that. If you do stop along the road and are planning on spending time wilderness camping you may want to invest in some bug netting to wear as those tiny black flies can really become overwhelming after 5-10 minutes at the side of the road. It's so beautiful up there though, I can't say enough good things about it. Certainly the most amazing and challenging riding I've done.

Good luck and safe riding.
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