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Originally Posted by Whitey1 View Post
Chantix worked for the smoking. Anyone that met me knew what a chain smoker I was. 2-3 packs a day.
+1 on the Chantix

I was a 2-pack/day smoker and it worked like a charm - just as advertised. Chantix takes care of the physical additions, but you still need to overcome the mental habits of being used to always having something in your hand/mouth. I dealt with that by keeping a click on/off pen and LifeSaver breath mints handy for when such urges struck (some people use suckers to address both habits with one solution). After the first month or so of not smoking the urges faded away and it's been smooth sailing since.

And whatever you do - if you do quit, DO NOT....EVER....kiss a smoker again. It tastes like licking the bottom of the nastiest, funkiest ashtray you could ever imagine. Talk about an instant mood killer!
Jim B.

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