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Sounds good, let's go!
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Originally Posted by Scooter_Junkie_Girl View Post
Wow! What a wonderful adventure! I am fully subscribed and waiting for your next post with great excitement.

You are an awesome and motivational dude, you get the "mad respect, yo", your kind words are much needed. I hear so much of how I should settle down, save money, go to school, how I should fit someone else's idea of a successful adult....not nearly enough encouragement to just LIVE. None, actualy.

Good choice on the 250 as well. Drop that and a GS1200 a couple times, and I guarantee most people will be looking at the Sherpa with fond eyes. '

Can't wait to read the next entry! Keep it up!


I'm sending you gas money, because GD it, good people deserve good things. You da man. :)
If you're in Costa Rica come November-December, send me a message and I'll be glad to get you a hostel room on me. Hot shower and free breakfast might be looking mighty nice around then!
Hi Scooter_Junkie_Girl,

It gave me great pleasure to write your name on the side of my gas tank as my latest corporate sponsor. Scooter_Junkie_Girl looks awesome right next to VoodooDaddy and Zombie Apocalypse Training Camp Riders. This tank is getting some real flair. Thanks so much for the kind words and gas money. I appreciate it.

And yes, I'm with you on the settling down and striving for the American Dream is over-rated thing. Not that its bad for everyone. Its just that some people are generally nomadic and footloose while others like staying home in a cozy nest and hanging out on the couch while others like a little of both. Some people like saving money for the future, others like me find money spent on travel a good investment. No way is better. Different strokes and all.

I think it is important to get out and see the world and get a different perspective on life by seeing how other cultures do things. It gives you a lens to look at your own life and see what parts of our social expectations make sense for you. This is partly why I am doing this ride report. To show people that the world isn't the bad scary place you see in the news. And you don't need a pile of money to head out to find out how the world lives for yourself.

Nobody reports back on the vast 99% majority of decent kind people out there. Only the sensational gory stuff sells newspapers. And it gives people a warped paranoid sense of reality.

And yes, I'll be in Costa Rica after the rainy season tails off in November. I'll keep in touch and drop by just to say hi and thanks in person if you are around at that time. I have a free place to stay in Uvita at the lady's house where I tiled her kitchen counter on my last trip if she's there, but thanks for the kind offer.

Look forward to meeting you down the road.

Kindest regards,
John Downs
South America and back on a 250 Super Sherpa Minimalist Adventure

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