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Tuesday September 11

So today would be a transition day from threatening weather back to good. A front moving through was finally passing for good.

The view from our campsite last night of Mahood Lake.

Now in the morning, things don't look so gloomy. We are ready to depart.

Back on the gravel. We are riding east to Clearwater for food and to stock up on supplies. If I recall correctly this was an active logging road. Vito almost got schmucked by a logging truck.

We stop for breakfast at the Wells Gray Inn, Clearwater. Vito's license plate is completely obscured with mud.

Vlad, back problems largely behind him.

On the road again. We decide to skip the gravel out of Clearwater because of the potential for logging and head further east along Highway 5 - the Southern Yellowhead Highway. We get gas at Avola Service instead of our original plan to gas up at Blue River and retrace our steps back. Vito didn't think Avola Service would be open, lucky for us it was. Apparently a thread on BC Sportbike describes the guy at Avola Service as a "nut job". Well we didn't have a problem, other than he wanted to sell us a pile of jerky.

Soon after the gas-up we get back on the gravel and cross over to the Upper Adams River.

Our most Northern stop on the route. I was worried we would never turn south!

I found this cabin there - the inspiration no doubt for the horror film "the Cabin in the Woods" and many others...

From this point on we follow the gravel road as it winds south next to the Adams River. This river is one of the most important sockeye breeding areas in North America and has a famous salmon run. A photo of the surrounding mountains with the first snowfall dusting of the year.

The river is in the valley below. Surprising how much logging is going on around this salmon run. A corridor of trees are left standing between the river and the logging...

So I was following Vito, playing this little game where I was just flowing, not allowing myself to touch my brakes at all, using engine compression. It worked for a little while until I ran off-road, in a ditch and smashing through the scrub brush and stopped here. Lucky I didn't hit anything solid along the way.

The gravel continues south and at the end of the day we stop at Tsikwustum Creek campsite, also called Silviculture Camp on the north end of Adams Lake. We find a nice spot to set-up camp and go for a swim in the lake, Vlad style. The lake was cool and refreshing, not cold yet. The campsite is nearly empty, just a few hardy campers left. Things shut down after Labour Day fast!

A nearby neighbour to us had cut a lot of wood near the beach into nice logs. We didn't know and took most thinking it was left behind - so here we are on the lake with the campfire blazing nicely.

Later our neighbour goes to find most of his wood gone. We say sorry and offer him some of his wood back. He didn't take any I guess because he had enough for the night. Just to be sure Vlad went over to make peace. I think Vlad got a beer out of it... Our neighbour was a nice guy.

The GPS:

Later that night things got real freaky...

More later...

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