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Originally Posted by Gany View Post
Thats awesome work Paul.

Is that with the 1/4" HDPE sheet again? Im about to order some myself. Did you notice much side to side wobble or flex with the roadbook or headlights? I would expect a little bit but I dont want it to become annoying.
Actually it's all white powdercoated aluminum. JK

The first 2 plates are 3/8" and are very stiff but can be made to deflect with the dual 8" frame, the RB side plates are 1/4" and flex a bit more, need to test it more before I would call it good, it stiffens right up with 1 or 2 additional standoffs, so in a sense it's tunable. Thing is I've been looking to source 5/16" HDPE and can't find it anywhere in small quantities, Gany I would start with that if I could get some.

Tony is the only one that has ridden it with the dual 8's, they're bolted straight to the 2x 3/8" plates and appear so far to handle it very well, also needs more testing, but these setups are pretty promising.

Originally Posted by crankshaft View Post
Very cool!
What the duct tape on the tank?

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