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Originally Posted by theantipaul View Post
Actually it's all white powdercoated aluminum. JK

The first 2 plates are 3/8" and are very stiff but can be made to deflect with the dual 8" frame, the RB side plates are 1/4" and flex a bit more, need to test it more before I would call it good, it stiffens right up with 1 or 2 additional standoffs, so in a sense it's tunable. Thing is I've been looking to source 5/16" HDPE and can't find it anywhere in small quantities, Gany I would start with that if I could get some.

Tony is the only one that has ridden it with the dual 8's, they're bolted straight to the 2x 3/8" plates and appear so far to handle it very well, also needs more testing, but these setups are pretty promising.

What the duct tape on the tank?
I saw that How is the light output? Ask Tony if I can borrow it for a night ride, I would love to see the look their faces when that thing gets lit off
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