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Originally Posted by theantipaul View Post
We dropped him off before we hit camp at about 11pm, as he took off all you could see were these 2 lasers cutting through the night and the OnX LED's were flooding the close up stuff. It was cool!

Thing is I doubt it'll be long before they're dinosaurs.
Yea, the HID stuff seems to be going away for sure. I was riding Friday night with my Stryker headlamp and the stock 500 XC-W headlight and I could see pretty well. My buddy was behind me with a Squadron and was really lighting up the trails, it was amazing actually. I'm convinced that a Squadron for a headlight and a Helmet light are all you need for night trail riding. The technology is amazing.

I was spotting deer in the woods with my helmet light all night long, I bet I saw 50 at least and one Porcupine... they're bigger than you think
Just say'IN
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